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Games for 3 - 5yrs Pre-School Writing Games: join the dots

it wil be far too difficult to get your little pre-schooler to try the big picture connect the dots games.

Instead first just get some paper and do the numbers, the single digits 1-9 or if you like include 10.

Offer him / her big praise when they manage it, but remember that this is a game to encourage writing so do not criticise if they get it wrong. The simple act of sitting down with a pencil or crayon and practising squiggles is enough to start with.

They do not have to learn to write all by themselves before they start school, the purpose of these games is to set the groundwork so that sitting at a table and holding a pen and "writing" is not a new concept to them.

Remember to make it fun - use different colours, give them a gold star sticker when they have managed to sit and produce something on their own, and after stick it on the wall or the fridge door to show them how proud you are!

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