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Games for 3 - 5yrs Pre-School Writing Games: help make letters

The art of learning to write requires a lot of new skills but there are games you can play to help your pre-schooler make a good start:

Colouring in:  This is great for practicing control - once your child learns to colour in the picture and not go outside the lines - don't force this as young children will not understand but you can see how they are developing when they do try to pick different colours and colour in the picture rather than all over it.


Tracing pictures: you need some tracing paper which you can geet from all arts shops and most stationers.

Encourage your child to trace some pitctures - this gives him / her loads of practice at pencil control and will really help them when it comes to writing. It is also much more exciting for your child to trace a picture than copy letters which he/she may not really understand yet.

Writing their name: Children love seeing their names written. If you get into the habit of writing their name on the paintings they draw, on the fridge with magnetic letters or on labels for their posessions they will very soon want to practice their name as well. This will motivate them to learn some letters and enjoy writing.


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