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Games for 3 - 5yrs Pre School Science Fun - Nature

Looking at Nature

Get a large book on trees, flowers and birds - they can usually be found in a second hand or charity shop. When you are out in the park or going for walks have a look at the different tpes of flowers and trees. You could pick flowers and press them, so you can identify them later and keep a record in a scrap book. You could take a couple of leaves as well. Look out for any interesting birds (these obviously you can't take, but maybe you could make a note of the colour of their feathers / beaks / legs or take a picture on your phone).

You could also buy your little one a magnifying glass so they can have a close up lok at the flowers or wild mushrooms and try to identify them.

Children love finding things out for themselves but they need to be encouraged so make sure you sound as excited about it as you want them to be.

If a child enjoys finding out about things they will usually enjoy the whole school process a lot more.

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