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Games for 3 - 5yrs Pre-School Reading Games - Picture books

Picture books:

This is also a great activity that older sibblings can help with!

Think of a simple story or sequence of events, then draw a sequence of piictures for those events so that you have about 6-8 pictures in a sort of mini comic book and write a simple sentence underneath each picture saying what is going on. As you "read" the story point out the words. You can also ask your child about the colours in the story etcThis will help your little preschooler get used to sequences, and reading from left to right.

Ideas that you can use are:

Going for a walk in the park: a drawing of you child playing with his / her toys, then with their coat and hat and gloves on. A picture of them walking down the street holding mummy's hand, then a picture of them in the park playing with a ball or running around.

A picture of Daddy walking the dog, putting the lead on, taking the dog to the park, then Daddy throwing the ball and the dog bringing it back.

A picture of your pre-schooler in bed when it is dark, then Mummy coming in and drawing the curtains then your child getting dressed, and having breakfast.

Please send other ideas in and they will be posted on here!

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