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Games for 3 - 5yrs Pre-School Reading Games - Puzzles and Observational Games

As I have mentioned before any game or toy that helps improve observational skill and pattern recognition will help with pre-reading skills. Here are a selection of games which may seem not to have anything to do with reading will help your little child improve their observational skills and will be fun!

Jigsaw Puzzles: These are fantastic for kids and they can be great fun to especially if you would like them to have a period of quiet play for a short while. It is important to ensure all the pieces are there and that none are missing. (Some evidence shows that it can be detrimental to children to have to do a puzzle with pieces missing - having said that I don't feel as though I have been harmed by it as many of our puzzles were missing pieces when I was young!).

Smiple jigsaws that fit together will and if they have simple words on them that would be even better!

Bedtime Stories: Try to have a story before bed as part of your evening routine. It is wonderful for settling children and as they get older you can see if they can help you pronounce the occaisional word - If you can teach them "and" then whenever you get to an "and" in the book let them read it they will realy start to believe that they are reading!

Hide the Thimble: this is another game that teaches observational skills. It is also one the site here

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