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Games for 3 - 5yrs Pre School Reading Games - Associating words with sounds

Associating words with sounds is a really important step in developing the ability to read.

Rhymes: One thing that really helps is reading poems to your little one - we mean fun poems! The repetition of sounds will help him / her remember how to pronounce words, and there are some fantastic books with rhymes for children. We really like the Dr Seuss books and will be adding a link through to the amazon website shortly. If you have any favourite ones please let us know!

I Spy - this is described elsewhere on the site, you can find it here.

Rhyming games: One person has to say a word, then the next person has to think of a word that rhymes with it - you will get lots of made up words and explanations for them but it will be fun!

Finding Letters: When you are out and about get your little one to see if they can find certain letters written down anywhere. start with the first letter of their name, then an "M" for Mummy - it could be on a road sign, car number plate, in a shop window, remember to help him/her look out for them and do point out any interesting things you happen to see.

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