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Games for 3 - 5yrs Pictures with Sand

You will need:

A sheet of card that you roll into a cone shape with a tiny hole at the bottom.

Some string

A tray covered with a piece of dark coloured paper

A bucket & dustpan & brush for clearing up the mess afterwards!


The photographs to help you understand the instructions will be uploaded to our Facebook page shortly:

Roll the card to make a cone.

The narrow end should have a small hole – you will need to experiment to get the size right.

It is easiest to staple the card to hold the shape once and then use selotape to secure it.

Make 4 holes at the top and thread the string through so you have a cradle to suspend the cone from.

Line the tray if you have one with dark coloured paper (it can be any colour but the darker colours make more of a contrast with the sand)

If you don’t have a tray you can just put the paper on the floor / on the ground outside.

Suspend the cone from the edge of a table / branch outside / stick secured to some railings.

Then, put your finger over the hole in the cone. Put the sand into the cone.

Get your child to watch as you remove your finger and the sand trickles out.

With younger children they will be content to just watch the sand, as they get older they will swing the cone, and eventually they will be making pretty patterns on the paper.

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