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Games for 3 - 5yrs Pre-School Reading Games - Pairs

Any game or toy that helps improve observational skill and pattern recognition will help with pre-reading skills.

You can make squares of card about a couple of inches on each side and draw simple large pictures and write what it is underneath. Examples of apple, ball, banana, chair, desk, elephant, dinosaur, cat. dog, you can go right through the alphabet. Do two squares of each picture then play a simple game of pairs.

Arrange 4 cards - 2 pictures of one thing and two pictures of another face down on a table or on the floor.

The aim of the game is to turn over two cards at a time and get a matching pair. If the cards don't match then they have to be turned face down again before you have another go at turning two face up.

This is a great game for observation and memory, if you play it with your child get him / her to read out the word under the picture.

Initially start with just 4 cards then gradually increase it by two at a time so he / she still remains challenged but so that it is not too difficult.

Remember to reward them with lots of praise when they get a pair. 

Whilst you can buy cards like this which are fine, it can be fun to make them with your child or get an older sibbling to help. Helping make toys with them is a fantastic way to not only entertain them for even longer but they will have more fun and get more satisfaction out of playing with toys that they have made and chosen the colours and words for themselves.

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