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Games for 3 - 5yrs Painting with a straw and mirror patterns

It is important to make sure your child will blow through the straw and not suck!

Put a dollop of non toxic, water based paint on a piece of paper and get your child to blow it around the paper with a straw.

You can have a big sheet of newspaper and two diferent blobs of paint at eith end and get two children each to have a straw and race the paint blob to the middle of the paper.

Mirror images:

Get your child to paint a picture on half the page, then when it is still wet fold it in half and see how the mirror image is made.

You can then try folding the paper in different ways – along the diagonal:

One thing to try is to draw a simple out line of a butterfly on the paper, get him/her to colour in the wings – sparingly so a few patches on each wing, then fold the paper in half so that the wings face each other and see the pattern that is created. (see photo).

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