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Games for 3 - 5yrs Paint Ideas

There is a huge variation in ability to use a paintbrush / pens.

It can be very frustrating for a child who is not quite as artistic as he/she would like. (I remember very clearly being in that category! The extent of my drawing ability is still stickmen!)

In order to help – here are some ideas that still make painting fun and not frustrating. (Beware frustrated toddlers lead to tantrums!)


Potato prints: probably one of the oldest / best known ways of painting:

You need a potato, a paring knife, skewer, and some paper plates with water based paint and old newspapers for printing on.

An adult will need to cut the potato in half. To ensure a clear print you can put the potato face down on some paper, draw around it, then draw the print you would like on the paper, the simpler the better.

Then cut out the outline of the cut potato, put the paper on the potatoes cut surface and use the skewer to score out the pattern.

Use the paring knife to cut away the segments you don’t need – ideally the pattern should be about 1 cm proud. (See photos).

See below for some pattern ideas:





Rectangle shape


You can use a variety of different ideas for prints – old cotton reels, segments of an egg carton, hands, fingers, a bathroom sponge cut into a manageable sixe for little hands, carrots cut in half – make good circles.

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