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Games for 3 - 5yrs Mr Sock still has fun!

You can make puppets using an old sock and sewing on buttons for eyes / they can be bought.

Put your hand in the sock so that your hand is in the bit where the toes go, you can see where the eyes should be - just sew a couple of buttons on. You can get really creative by adding some wool for hair on the top of his head! Let your child help make Mr Sock, he / she can decide what colour sock, which buttons for eyes, how much hair - it will certainly fill a little part of the day.

You can get your little one to tell Mr. Sock what he/she has done so far today… Give Mr. Sock a funny voice… if you have a children's joke book to hand you can read a few jokes the night before, so Mr. Sock can tell them to your toddler! - this is a definate favourite!


Alternatively there are some fantastic puppets to buy - here is a link to Andreana's website puppets in a bag which is our favourite! They make wonderful presents.

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