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Games for 3 - 5yrs Making Helicopters - from The Childrens Air Ambulance

Print out this paper template or copy it on to paper. Follow the easy instructions and spend the afternoon having paper helicopter races! This is great fun to do inside when it is really rainy outside! 


 helicopter template  

Paper Helicopterthe childrens air ambulance



  •  Template
  •  Paperclip
  •  Scissors
  •  Decorating materials (crayons, felt tips)


1)    Cut out the template and cut along all the solid lines.


2)    Decorate


3) Fold along dashed lines - A towards you and B away from you.


paper helicopter intructions1

4) Fold C and D backwards, one on top of the other


paper helicopter instructions2

5) Fold the bottom dashed line backwards and hold in place with a paperclip.

paper helicopter instructions3

6) Throw it high into the air and watch it spin to the ground!



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