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Games for 3 - 5yrs Ice Brain

What you need:

  • a mould - i have used a "brain mould" for jelly - bought from the pound shop. You can use any bowl or plastic or paper cup that will fit in the freezer
  • food colouring to colour the water (or paint or leave it clear)
  • small bugs (again bought from a pound shop but any small toys or conckers will do).

Fill up your mould or bowl and put it in the freezer

As it freezes, check on it and put the toys / bugs / conckers - whatever you want to hide in it in the semi frozen water so when it is fully frozen the bugs are suspened in it.

when you want to play the game, sit your children down - you can do this outside if it isn't raining and give them some blunt implements - toddler knife, fork and spon and small cups or jugs of warm water.

Try to explain that they have to find the bugs - they can chip the ice, pour warm water onto it - if you have twins you can make it a little competitive and see who can get the most bugs!


Skills: This game starts to teach science: temperature difference,hot and cold,tactile sensations,counting for bugs,how to melt ice and the concept that ice is frozen water.

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