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Games for 3 - 5yrs Homework is fun!

This game works really well with young kids who are learning their alphabet or times table.

It is really important to keep learning fun - you can help your child get the hang of simple letters, words and basic maths by turning it into a game. BUT don't play it for very long - initially just a couple of minutes maybe before their favourite cartoon starts or after dinner or just before they have their bath. Childrens brains are not capable of concentrating for as long as adults so it is really important to keep it short and keep it fun!

This game is called shoot out.

Get a funny hat - for example a large sombrero with corks hanging down from the brim (you could even make one together...but that is a different game!) or a cowboy hat - and put one hat on each.

Then do some quick fire questions:

The first letter in the alphabet?

How do you spell C-A-T?

What is 2x2?

What is 2+3?

Keep the questions easy to begin with maybe depending on your childs temperment have rewards for when he/she gets it correct or just a BIG CHEER! Or ... if you are feeling really brave get your child a water pistol and every time they get a question correct they can shoot something - usually you! (you can then play until the water runs out but it might be a good idea to only haf fill the gun and definitely not to use a super soaker!).

If your child is having difficulty with the basics - and many do - it is not because they are not intelligent, but because there was a bird at the window when the teacher was explaining addition, or their friend was pulling a funny face. 

Children don't mean to get distracted; they just are -  very easily! It doesn't take much for them to lose their confidence and decide that they don't like something and therefore won't do it, rather than ask for it to be explained.



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