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Games for 3 - 5yrs Hide the Thimble

This is a great game for when the weather is just too terrible to contemplate facing!

One person (it can be the adult) hides a thimble in a room - we use the sitting room but it can be any room / rooms.

The child/ children then have to find it!

You can have rules such that the thimble must have a part of it that is visible without lifting anything in the room (ie not hidden under a cushion). You can exclude certain areas (eg a book case of breakables).

You can have height restrictions to prevent the ambitious 4 year old scaling the furniture to dizzy heights ( case it was hidden on top of the light fitting attached to the ceiling...).

This game does need supervision - you can also give clues such as warmer.... colder... as they get nearer of farther from the hiding place.


If your children are slightly older they can play this themselves and give eah other clues to help the younger ones find the thimble.

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