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Games for 3 - 5yrs Garden in a Bowl

Children love growing things – it is an excuse to get muddy and be productive as well!

You will need a washing up bowl or old style tin bowl.

Soil (can be just taken from the garden or a park)

Moss and small plants, maybe a few stones of gravel.


Make a hole in the bottom of the washing up bowl for drainage.

Get your toddler to put the soil in and pat it down, he/she can then “plant” the moss, get one or two small plants that he/she can also plant. You can make a grave path with a few little stones.


If you have a small pocketsize travel mirror – an unbreakable one like the ones on the baby gyms that could make a “pond”. Alternatively if you get a yogurt carton, wash it out and cut the bottom off leaving about 5mm of  “wall”. You could fill it with water.

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