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Games for 3 - 5yrs Games with Conkers

If you want to spice up trips to the park or keep your little ones happy when playing outside in your garden then show them how to collect things. It makes for a fantastic outdoor games and forms the basis for their first scavenger hunt.

fun with conkersOne of our favourite at the moment is conker! 

There are lots of great things to do with a bag of conkers... for the most part they work equally well with acorns, sycamore seeds or anything else you might find.



You will find that toddlers have a VERY short attention span so don't be surprised if they are easily distracted and drop the conkers before they manage to put them in their bag.  





There are loads of things to do with the conkers when you find them:

collecting conkers

  • Count them
  • Arrange them in size order
  • Make a tower.....then knock it down again!
  • Practice easy mathmatics: it is easy to demonstrate what 1 conker plus 1 conker equals
  • Practice putting them in and taking them out of little pots - yoghurt pots are ideal for this!
  • A good throwing game is to put a coat / muslin on the ground and take a few steps back. See if your little one can throw the conkers onto the coat.
  • Set up a throwing game like jacks: Put one large conker / a stone on the ground, then see who can throw their conkers closest to the stone.
  • You could have a simple game of catch


The original conkers game is probably best for the over 4's and they will need lots of supervision when preparing them!




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