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Games for 3 - 5yrs Fun with magnet puzzles

These simple but fun toddler magnet puzzles are a fantastic way to entertain your little ones, they are great fun for 3+ year olds. Your little one can help you make them, pick their favorite pictures and do all the colouring in!

If you manage to get hold of some magnets they are perfect to leave a few stuck to the fridge as a distraction for those brewing toddler tantrums / for a few minutes peace and quiet when you are busy in the kitchen.Snail Puzzle

You will need:

Paper / card, coloured pens for decorating / black marker for drawing 

Optional: laminator - these are a great investment from as little as £12 from amazon - here. (Just scroll down until you see the laminator and click on the picture to go through to the amazon site.)

(I use them all the time to protect favourite paintings / creations, the boys can make their own table mats and we cover them, family photos get laminated for the boys to play with.)

some simple magnets - I picked these  up from a pound store but you can get them here on amazon. (Again - scroll down, click on the picture and you go to the amazon site.)


The aim is to make simple 2-piece "jigsaw" puzzles for your little ones to match up.

First draw the shape onto some paper or card, and colour it in, and cut it in half lengthways.

If you are going to laminate it then do all the laminating together then cut them out afterwards. If you have gone the whole way and managed to get hold of some magnets then stick those onto the back of each piece.

Magnet puzzle

The magnets are great if you want to keep them on the fridge for your little ones to play with whilst you are washing up / cooking etc..

I have loads of pictures of the ones we have created so please feel free to copy them - if you have any other ideas then please send them in. You can also create themed ones for Christmas, Haloween, Easter and Beach holidays etc...



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