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Games for 3 - 5yrs Feeding the birds in winter

There are lots of fun options for providing food for out feathered friends in the winter months:

You can hollow out an orange and fill it with seeds for the birds.

In order to suspend it from a tree branch get 3 sticks, lie them in a triangle with the ends over lapping and secure with string. You need to make sure that the triangular hole in the middle is not so large that the orange skin shell falls through or so small that it doesn't balance.

Then suspend it from a tree with more string going from the stick ends. Make sure you can see it from a window inside so you can watch all the different types of birds that enjoy it.


Yo can also make little food bracelets. get some string, thread cranberries, pieces of bread etc onto it, then pop them over tree branches - they won't last long with the birds about!

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