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Games for 3 - 5yrs Feed The Birds

This is a great game for any number of children – especially those with one child. You need to buy seed for birds, left overs – scraps of meat fat, bread crumbs (stale bread is great), nuts, dries fruit. You can let your toddler mix up the dry ingredients in a bowl with his hands or a wooden spoon.

While he is happily mixing away, melt some lard (can be done in a microwave).

The lard needs to be soft and pliable. Once it has softened, give it to your toddler to knead in the grains.

Once it is well mixed, get some empty yoghurt pots and string. Dip the string into the yogurt pot so it touches the base and then press in the lard mixture around it.

Put in the fridge for a few hours / overnight to harden.

Then turn the pudding out of the pot and hang over a branch of a tree (or off a bird table, if in the city you might be able to suspend it from a balcony) and wait for the birds.


If you have an older child you can then get a book about birds and see if he/she can identify the ones that he/she sees eating.

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