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Games for 3 - 5yrs Doctors & Nurses

You will need:

An old cotton sheet / pillow case. (You can usually get very cheap ones from a £1 /$1 shop or a market).

Teddies / dolls

A good imagination

Maybe some water with a few drops of red food colouring!


First you need to make the first aid kit!

Start by tearing the pillowcases / sheet into long strips and then roll the strips into a bandage.

For safety rather than provide a pin I would suggest leaving the end split into two – see photo so that they can be tied (like a shoelace)

Alternatively the end can be tucked into the bandage once it is on (see photo).


Then, using your imagination work out what teddies / dolls were doing when they got injured, and your child helps act out the scene then patch them up afterwards:


Examples of ideas:

If you have some zoo animals…. Teddy was going to the zoo & guess what happened… one of the keepers left the door to the elephants open and Jumbo escaped. (Lots of chance to make animal noises and talk about what colour elephants are etc…) so teddy ran after them and just as he was about to catch jumbo the elephant … he tripped over his shoelaces and hurt his arm….

Can then practice bandaging teddies arm / making a sling.


Similar story for a farm: again lots of chance to practice animal noises and descriptions of animals.

If there are several kids they can take it in turns to chose the animal / do the bandaging.

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