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Games for 3 - 5yrs Cutting and Gluing

Children just love making things with their hands. They also absolutely adore making as much mess as possible!

The trick is to let them in a controlled way i.e. a corner on a floor in a room with no carpet with newspaper on the floor (and possibly the walls too!).

You need to have child safe scissors, with round ends but they will still need supervision.

The act of cutting is usually enjoyment enough – you can just let them cut newspaper – as they get a little older you can draw simple shapes e.g. square / star in a black marker pen and get them to cut them out.


You can let them play with baby safe glue / use a homemade paste made from mixing flour and water.

For a special treat you could get hold of some glitter  - show them what happens if you put a spot of glue / paste on a cut out star, pour glitter over it, then lift up the star to see where the glitter has stuck!


Remember to collect sweep up the bits of glitter with a dustpan and brush / paintbrush and a piece of paper so it can be re-used.

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