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Games for 3 - 5yrs Cushion Run

This is great for those rainy days when you can't face braving the elements. This fun indoor game will wear out your little monsters in no time & have them rolling around the floor in fits of of giggles!

games with cushionsWhat you will need:

  • lots of cushions and pillows - take the cushions off the sofa, use pillows from the bedss, you can also use duvets and towels.
  • an area of floor space free from breakables - eith the floor in the sitting room with everything pushed back to make some room or another great place is the area inside the front door as it works well in a corridor.

Put all the cushions on to the floor, it is best done on a carpeted area as the cushions are less likely to slip and if your toddlers falls between them they will not hurt themselves.



games with cushionsThe aim of the game is to get your toddler to practise running over the cushions without falling over.

This sounds remarkably easy and I dare say that for you or I it would be, but for a pint sized person it is a challenge!

They will fall over loads of times, our two boys usually roar with laughter and keep trying it again and again - you do need to supervise them as if you have more than one child doing this they can sabotage each others attempts at the cushion run by trying to trip each other up and push each other over.


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