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Games for 3 - 5yrs Cress Men

You will need:

A boiled egg to eat, cotton wool, felt tip pens, an eggcup and cress seeds.

Have a boiled egg, then crack the top off and scoop out the insides (you may prefer to eat the egg out the shell first).

When you have an intact shell with the top off, gently rinse it out in water and remove any last scraps of egg (this is to prevent bad smells occurring!).

Fill the eggshell with cotton wool soaked in cold water – it should be damp, not completely water logged.

Sprinkle some cress seeds on the top.

Put the eggshell in an eggcup on the side / kitchen table – somewhere where your child can keep an eye on it.

Draw a face on the egg – and wait for the hair to grow!


You can have fun giving the cress-man a hair cut then eating the cress in egg sandwiches / on fish.

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