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Games for 3 - 5yrs Autumn walks

childrens welliesWith the seasons changing there is so much more to see on walks. You can turn a trip to the park into a mini explorers dream adventure!! Here is a great way to make a trip to the park or to the bottom of the garden more exciting:

Plan a scavenger hunt! You can modify the list depending on where you live but here are some great ideas to collect / do whilst enjoying the fresh air.

If you live near a park with wildlife conkers are great to feed deer and frozen peas make safe, healthy fish food!

Also send them off with a notebook and pencil / crayon to draw some things that they find or to do bark rubbings!


Ideas / things to find for walks in autumn.

Jump in muddy puddles!!

Find a tree with conkers / acorns / sweet horsechestnuts – do a bark rubbing 

Find 3 different types of leaves (find a variagated leaf)

Find a beetle

Find a feather

Find a worm – draw the worm

Find a stick shaped like a “Y”

Find a shiny stone

Find a round piece of gravel / stone

Find a spider’s web and draw a picture of it

Feel some wet mud

Smell the grass – pick a blade of grass

Find a slug

Can you see any fish? 

Find a snail – draw a picture of the shell

Find some moss

Find a leaf with insect holes

Find 3 different colours of flowers

Find some bracken (see below)


Find but don’t touch a thistle or prickly plant or stinging nettles

Find some horse chestnut leaves (see below)

Horse chestnut leaves




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