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messy rice play

This is a great messy play idea for toddlers. It is as educational as you want it to be and fun for little chubby hands.




What you need:

  • 2 cheap packets of white rice
  • (If you want to colour it then some food dye)
  • a selection of objects to hide in the rice


If you want to dye the rice put 1 kg of rice in a roasting tin, add some food clouring - I use 4 cap fulls from the cap of the food colouring. You don't need much. 

mixing rice


Mix it up with a fork - you need to mix for about 5 minutes to ensure all the rice is coated.

Leave it overnight to dry out. (I usually make it when our kids are having a lunch time nap and use it the following morning.)



Put the rice in a large bowl, I mix one 1 kg packet of the coloured rice with a 1 kg packet of the rice without the colouring.

Put in some small toys for your kids to find.

At the moment we are learning the colours so I hide coloured blocks and ask the boys to "find the yellow block" or the red one etc.

texture play









After a short time the boys will think it is hilarious to pick up handfulls of the rice and throw it on the floor!!

Then I take it away but they help with the cleaning up - it is amazing how much fun a toddler can have with a toy dustpan and brush!


Skills: Language,imagination,coordination and textures

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  1. Daniel Goodrum:
    Feb 13, 2014 at 07:21 PM

    Great idea - easy to clean up afterwards as well as being very inexpensive! Good fun all round, thanks!

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