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This is another game that will improve coordination and balance.

What you will need: paper plates (brightly coloured ones are fun), a favourite toy / teddy, a space on your floor.

The aim of the game is for you to put the coloured plates on the floor, put teddy / a favourite toy on one side of the room and spread the paper plates out in a haphazard fashion. Your child has to rescue the toy / teddy by crossing the room but can only put his/her feet on the plates!

You will need to help hime/her at first and it may take a little time to work out the ideal plate spacing - not too difficult at first.

With several children especially when they are slightly older try this variation. Once each child has made it there and back, take one plate away and they have to do it again, keep taking one plate away until they are making large jumps! It helps make the game last a bit longer if there are lots of extra plates on the ground to start with.

Skills: Balance and muscle control

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