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Games for 1 - 2yrs Stay in the pram!

Whilst normally we have lots of time on our hands to let your toddler practice toddling / walking and there are no time constraints - it doesn't matter if when walking to the park it takes 20 minutes to get to the end of the street. Sometimes however time is an issue and we need ways of encouraging our toddler to remain in the pram without having a tantrum!

Some ideas that can work really well can be quite simple:

Ask them if they mind helping you carry the shoopping then give them something small like an apple to hold.

If the pram has a seat that faces you you can get a toy on wheels and attach a piece of string so that he/she can drag the toy and watch it as you go.

Failing that the age old distraction - "i saw a dog go around tht corner... do you think it will still be there.... well look there it is".

Or get them to tell you a story.. and then make up funny voices as you go.

Skills: hand eye coordination,object permanence

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