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Games for 1 - 2yrs Pasta Strings

From the age of about 1 year babies really benefit from fun games to develop their pincer grip.

This is a great one!

You will need a piece of sturdy string and some things to thread onto it for example pasta shapes like penne or macaroni (if your baby is really dexterous!).

With him/her sitting at their high chair or on the floor see if you can help them thread the pasta shapes onto the string. Be patient - this is not something they will get the hang of right away but with lots of encouragement and excited hand clapping when they manage it they will enjoy trying.

The beauty of using pasta shapes is that it doesn't matter if they get eaten!

If your little one is not quite ready for this game yet then don't worry - you can put a few shapes onto the string, tie the string in a knot and let them play with their new toy!

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