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Games for 1 - 2yrs Moving Blocks

Moving blocks using tongs: improve your toddlers coordination by encouraging him / her to use tongs or a giant spoon to move blocks from the floor into a bowl.

This is a great activity for improving your toddlers coordination. Just make a pile of their building blocks, or toy cars or any of their toys on the floor - you could even use teddy. Then put a bowl down, or a cardboard box and see if they can move the items into the bowl or box.

blocks in a bowl

At first just get them to do this with their hands, then once they have mastered thas try with either a giant serving spoon or tongs (we use our BBQ tongs). The aim is to get them used to using tools  - it doesn't matter at all if they are can't do it at first.

It will take time but it is a useful way to imrove their skills and it can be a fantastic means of distraction if a temper tantrum is setting in.

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