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For children life is a game – tasks like getting up in the morning, washing their face, getting dressed can all be made into a game which will in turn help your toddler remember how to do their morning routine.

A game for getting dressed could involve:
Find the clothes – see if your toddler can get out the clothes that he/she wants to wear.
When they are a little older you can start asking them what color their clothes are. At the age of 18 months – 2 years you can point out the colour of the clothes to them.
How to take pajamas off - so arms up in the air to stretch as tall as you can (then take their pajama top off over their heads) legs stiff as a board (you can take their pajama bottoms off).

For most children nappies will need changing (some people master toilet training by 1 year but these are a distinct minority).

Then you can arrange their trousers so they are on the floor ready to be stepped into, then pick up you child and he can fly through the air with his/her feet out for landing so they aim into the trouser legs.

This sort of game is guaranteed to have lots of giggles before breakfast!

It doesn’t matter if your toddler gets things wrong - don’t criticize them – have a giggle and correct it later.

Skills: hand eye coordination,object permanence

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