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Games for 1 - 2yrs Fishing

This is a fantastic game and will provide hours of fun if you can get around to making it!
You will need some cardboard, a bucket or old shoebox, some bottle tops, a magnet and a stick (like a bamboo stick that is used in gardens). First draw the outline of a fish on the cardboard and cut it out. You can use this as a template for making 7 or 8 fish. Cut them out and paint them bright colours on both sides. (This is something that an older sibling will enjoy helping with).
Secure a bottle top on the nose of each fish (can use blu-tac). Tie the string to the end of the stick and secure it with a blob of blu-tac to prevent it slipping. Attach the magnet to the other end of the string so you have a fishing rod.

Put the fish in the bucket / shoebox which you can paint blue like the sea and try to fish out the fish using the magnet.

If you are having trouble securing the bottle tops to the fish, you can just use the bottle tops alone as the fish but make sure they are not small enough to swallow. Or use other metal objects e.g. drinks cans which you can paint.

Skills: hand eye coordination,object permanence

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