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Games for 1 - 2yrs Climbing Cushions

Fun with CushionsPlanning activities for the rainy days can be tricky - especially when you get an unexpected downpour just when your toddlers energy levels go through the roof.

There are lots of ways you can help your little one release some of their pent up energy in ways that are not completely destructive to your home. This is a great way of burning off extra energy and wearing out your toddler for some guarenteed peace and quiet later on.

All you need to do is gather all the cushions, duvets nd pillow you can find. Put them in  a pile on the sitting room floor and move any coffee tables / furnature that is about toddler head height out the way.

When we do this at home I pile up the cushions against the sofa, which is up against the wall and my two boys get to try to run up the cushions, jump on the sofa and dive off again onto the cushions. You will be amazed at how often they can do this without becoming bored!

YOU MUST SUPERVISE THIS CAREFULLY - It is all too easy for the cushions to get pushed to one side then your litle rascal will end up jumping onto a hard floor but if properly supervised it is a great way to have some fun on wet days.

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