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Games for 0 - 3mths Visual Stimulation

For newborns, it is very easy to get them over stimulated. When you want to help your babies eye movements just gaze into their eyes when they are feeding and / or  having a nappy change. As newborns this will be about all they can manage.
After the first week of birth, they find black and white shapes fascinating. You can draw some zigzags with a black marker pen onto some white card and show it to them. Hold it still, about 15 cm in front of their eyes for a few minutes so that they can focus on it.
You can repeat this with different shapes – wavy lines, circles. As he/she approaches 6 weeks she will slowly begin to track objects. Between 6 weeks and 3 months if he/she is awake and comfortable. Try showing your baby some everyday objects / toys. Simple ones with bold colours are ideal. E.g.: a red toy block, a book with a blue cover, a green mug, then try some unusual shaped objects e.g. a spoon, ball of wool, food packets, keys etc.

It is important to do this relatively slowly, and stop when your baby is turning away. He/she will only be able to manage 2-3 objects at first

Skills: Visual

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