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Games for 0 - 3mths Tickle Time

Babies love being relaxed and awake sitting on their stimulated on their skin. When they are gently tickle different parts of them. If they are bouncy chairs have a tickle of their feet. Talk and smile to them as you do it. You can work your way around their body – doing their knees, hands, underarms and neck. They often really like you nuzzling in their neck with kisses. When you are doing nappy changes they may enjoy having their tummies tickled gently.

When the get to be 8 weeks or older you may get rewarded with giggles, from three months or older maybe a smile! Later, half the fun is the anticipation of tickling, so a big intake of breath followed by an excited “it’s tickle time” will lead to little baby squeals of delight.

Skills: Sensory

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