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Games for 0 - 3mths The Witching hour

The witching hour is the hour or so of crying which babies can do before bedtime. Find out our way of stopping the witching hour and how to stop your baby crying before bedtime.

For a lot of parents this is a well-recognised phenomenon. If you don’t recognize it – you are VERY lucky. From about 5 pm babies can get really tired, grouchy and thoroughly bad tempered. When they are 6 weeks this can manifest itself as a 2-hour screaming session (yes- sometimes really that long!) until they go to bed.
The best way I know of coping is to have one adult to one baby. Hold them in the “tiger in the tree” position (see here), and walk around your home singing to them.
They often like upbeat music at this time of day, e.g. salsa music, or anything with a strong beat. It will stage off the grizzles until bath time!

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