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Games for 0 - 3mths Musical hands and Musical toes - 8 weeks +

Musical hands and musical toes (8 weeks +):

Babies are naturally attracted to bright colours and noises. They also love cause and effect – i.e. that they can cause a sound or an object to move. Get some mittens that fit your baby (or a pair of socks will do as they will fit on his/her hands). Before putting them on him / her sew a brightly coloured shape and a small bell to the mitten such that when he/she moves her hand, the bell jingles. This will attract his/her attention and he/she will see the shapes.

You can do a similar thing with some socks but I would only attach a bell, not the shapes as it may be hard to see his / her toes over the nappy! A big thank you to Twickermum for the photos!


Skills: Visual

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