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Games for 0 - 3mths Funny Feelings

Babies undergo a huge developmental leaps in their first few weeks / months. It is important to concentrate on all their senses.

This game helps your baby's development and helps them experience different textures.

Get a collection of different (clean) fabrics from around the house.
A fluffy teddy, a cashmere / silk scarf / a towel / muslins / feather boa / plastic rattle are all examples of what you can use. When your baby is relaxed brush the different textures over his/her skin and talk to your baby as you are doing this.

“do you like this silky scarf, it feels lovely and soft, how about this muslin see
how soft it is”

Skills: Touch sensitivity: Your baby needs to experience things by touch as well as by sight. It is vital for him/her to do so. Later as she gets to be a few months old everything he/she touches will end up being put in his/her mouth! This is all normal.

Skills: Touch sensitivity

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