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Games for 0 - 3mths Action Feet!

Help your little ones coordination with this "action feet for babies" game. It is a great way to practice leg control and a fun foot game for babies.

This is a great way of getting your baby active before they are crawling. Let them lie on their back then gently hold their feet and pedal them. (This is also a brilliant trick to help if they are constipated).
Don’t do it just after a feed or all their milk will come straight up again. We do a range of activities! We start with a big smile and a “hello Charlie!” then we do “Charlie running Charlie running Charlie running” saying what you are doing when you are doing the foot movements.

We also have “Charlie skiing, Charlie skiing, Charlie skiing” this time we hold the feet gently with the legs straight one side then the other.
We also have “Charlie dancing, Charlie dancing, Charlie dancing!” when we do little side kicks.

Your baby will really enjoy this and it breaks up time on their mat.

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