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Games for 0 - 3mths Fish With Bright Colours

There are lots of fun things for your baby see outside the house. It is great for their development if you can find sights for baby. They love bright colours and a variety of movement patterns.

It is really important to take babies for walks outside – we always tried to go out at least once a day. If you get bored with the park, or notice that your baby is a bit grumpy try popping into a pet shop if there is one locally.
fish tankThey will love staring at the bright colours of the fish in the tanks, and listening to the unusual cacophony of squeaks and grunts from the other small animals.

When you get home with your baby if you have an older child you can make a cardboard fish with lots of bright colours and dangle it on some string in front of your baby when he/she is awake in the chair.
The bright colours will fascinate your baby. However do not over stimulate him/her – this can happen with an over enthusiastic toddler! Limit the fish time to a couple of minutes when your baby is under 3 months.

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