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Games for 0 - 3mths Finger Puppets

When you baby is lying on his/her back or sitting in his/her bouncy chair put little toys or finger puppets in his/her field of vision. Don’t move them too fast or he/she will be unable to concentrate on them. As your baby gets older he/ she will be able to track the toys: Hold them steady while your baby fixes his/her eyes on them, then slowly move them across his/her field of view. First stick to straight lines horizontally, then vertically. Once your baby has mastered that you can try diagonally.

Your baby will only start to track objects from 6 – 8 weeks. Some babies take a little longer. They do get tired / bored easily so if he/she is not tracking don’t be frustrated, try again later on in the day or the next day.

How to make simple finger puppets:
These finger - bees are fantastic! They don't take too much effort of skill, what you need is:

some yellow felt (you could do it with paper / card

some thread or glue

2 short lengths of black wool

a black marker pen and scissors.

finger puppets bee   bee finger puppet

You can see the shape of the finger-bee puppet in the picture, just draw the picture onto some yellow felt, using the black marker pen coulour in some bumble bee marking.

Then cut a strip of the felt, about 1 cm wide by 4 cm long so that it fits your finger and either glue it or stitch it or even staple it in place - see below.

back of puppet

Then you can have hours of fun!!!

I have also included a picture of some frog finger puppets:

Frog finger puppets           back of frog puppet

For these you need green felt, a glitter pen to decorate, we bought some eyes from a craft shop but you could make them by stitching on white buttons with black thread.

For these you need to cut out two shapes for a front and back then either stitch / glue them together and your finger goes inside:

If you have any other ideas for fun finger puppets do send them in!!



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