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Games for 0 - 3mths Baby Massage

There are many books and on-line sites that teach you “how to do a baby massage”. I have also known people that did not want to have a go for fear of doing it incorrectly.
So I am not going to go into a detailed technique because this is all about spending quality time with your baby. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. After a bath, make sure you have a warm, draught free environment, a comfy towel and some baby oil / olive oil / cream – whatever you would like to use. Make eye contact with your baby and tell him/her what you are doing as you do it.

Here is a description of how to do a baby massage (I do not want to infringe on copyright).

I tend to use the technique described by Tracy Hogg in the baby whisperer. As long as you are gently caressing your baby on his / her feet, legs arms, hands, then roll over onto his/her front for tummy time and a chance for you to rub his/her back I do not think that you can go far wrong.

Skills: tactile sensation,bonding,improving eye contact,relaxation

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